Orientation Coordinator: Breil Bonaguro


Hi everyone! My name is Breil Bonaguro and I am an incoming senior with a double major in Political Science and Peace Studies and a minor in Leadership Studies. While my own Orientation was three years ago, I remember it vividly. Going to college was something that I had dreamed of all my life but I was in no way prepared for my experience at Chapman. Chapman has given me friends that have turned into family, opportunities in every aspect of my academic journey, lessons learned in and outside of the classroom, and has widened my perspective in so many ways. 

Orientation was truly one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences I have ever been a part of. Looking back, I realize now how Orientation Week set up my entire Chapman experience. I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone from the very beginning. I was able to meet my best friends, meet people I look up to and aspire to be, and get involved. Since my Orientation I have joined a social sorority, a pre-law fraternity, been an Orientation Leader for two years, studied abroad and been involved in countless other opportunities.  

Whatever your experience may look like, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and let others get to know the real you. The effort you put in will determine the experiences you have. Put yourself out there, talk to as many people you can and embrace the experiences that are placed before you. It all starts during Orientation and you never know which event or forum might lead you to something you love. The community that is fostered during Orientation is so incredibly special and impacts you for your entire four years. If you go in open-minded and ready for anything and everything, you will conquer your Chapman experience. Can’t wait to welcome you all into the Chapman family!