Orientation Coordinator: Daniel Mejia


Hello New Panthers! Welcome to Chapman University. I am so excited to introduce you to campus! My name is Daniel Mejia and I am a first-generation transfer student about to enter my junior year here at Chapman. I needed a place built on community, where students are cared for, challenged and looked after. After one year at Chapman, I can say that this is my home. I am the Orientation Coordinator for Family and Transfer Orientation. It is an honor to welcome you to the Panther family.

Orientation is where it all begins. It is a space that allows you and pushes you to connect with the school, your incoming class, professors and the community. My experience with Orientation led to my involvement in many social and academic areas; it allowed me to meet and make friends, and it fostered my dream of a loving campus community. We, as the Orientation Leaders and staff, want you to feel welcomed, especially in this new virtual format. We ask that you keep an open mind and a willingness to share in this new experience. 

The transfer experience is unique. I believe that the years ahead of you will be filled with hard work, fun, time to unwind, stress and peace. You will flourish into a beautiful, headstrong and determined adult who is ready to take on the world. Enjoy your time in Orientation. Meet new people, keep an open mind, be true to yourself and have fun. Take the time to develop an awareness of campus and build relationships. The fall semester is coming up fast and I am so excited for you!

I want to end with this:
We are transfers.
We are essential to the Chapman community.

Here, at Chapman…
You are welcome.
You are loved.
You are perfect.
You will always have a family here.
And you will always have our support.

Here, you are home.

Have fun and good luck! Welcome home Panthers!