Orientation Coordinator: Kyle Tanimura


Hello Everyone! My name is Kyle Tanimura and I am your Orientation Coordinator for Communication & Promotion! I am a Senior from Palos Verdes, California (about an hour west of Chapman University) and I am a Strategic and Corporate Communication & Political Science double major with a minor in Dance. Some involvement I have on campus is President of Chapman Kapamilya, the Filipino Club, President of the School of Communication Trailblazer Program, and a member of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Coed Professional Fraternity. Orientation has been a life changing experience for me since my own orientation so now I am excited to be in my third year as part of Orientation! Some of the things I do include managing the Orientation marketing campaign, designing all the merch for new students, families, and OLs, managing the Summer Orientation blog, and facilitating OL training! If I could give some advice for incoming students, it would be to take every opportunity you can! There are so many avenues you can take here so explore all of them. It is okay to not like something! This is the perfect time to try new things and see if something is right for you (or not). Also, connect with your professors! I have made strong connections with mine and they have been such a big support system for me while navigating my undergraduate studies. The Chapman community is here to support you through all of your endeavors!

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