Fenestra: The First Year Experience at Chapman University

Fenestra: The First Year Experience at Chapman University

Fenestra is our term for the first year experience. In Latin, fenestra means “window” and we encourage students to use their first year at Chapman to open their window of opportunity.

Who: All students in their first term or year at Chapman are a part of the Fenestra, including both first-time and transfer students.

Why: We believe a student’s first term and year are critical for their success in college and this is supported by decades of student development research. In order to help new Chapman students make a successful transition, we focus on fostering a sense of academic citizenship and membership into the Chapman community of scholars by helping students:

Make significant progress towards academic and career clarity;
Achieve satisfactory academic performance;
Cultivate meaningful connection with peers and faculty; and
Develop a sense of belonging within the University.

What: Fenestra consists of four main components which emphasize a seamless college experience for students through orientation, residence life, academic programs, and community engagement.


Jamie Gutierrez
Assistant Director, Residence Life and First Year Experience