Monika Maeda

Monika Maeda

Name: Monika Maeda 

Major: Business Administration (Marketing) 

Orientation in 5 words: Spontaneous, new, exciting, prideful, adventurous 

Fun fact: I was born without any wisdom teeth so I will never have to get them taken out 

Favorite Orientation memory: My favorite orientation memory is the very last day where we got to dance and sing to the music being played in AF. It was so much fun where I got to meet more people and just having a fun time singing along with everyone and getting out those nervous first day jitters. Also, I remember meeting a few people in my orientation group on the first day. And we ended up becoming best friends coincidentally because we rushed for AKPsi together. And now we are planning on living together for the next school year. So it is very cool to see that a friendship can bloom due to being in the same orientation group. 

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